Blister Packing Machine is Designed by the expert team of engineers for cosmetic, food, and Pharma products. They are available with automated feeder and can be customized based on different needs of customers. This machine is suitable to pack different food items like milk, drinks, powder, tablets, bottles etc.

Each industry has a unique set of products so its packaging requirements are also different. Packaging materials also vary for each product to maintain its freshness and its hygiene level to the best. A particular packaging machine cannot complete all these requirements. So they have to be customized for different products and industries.

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Most of the times to design Blister packing machine, stainless steel design is used as per GMP standards so that packaging task can be completed perfectly. With superior design, mechanical control, and automatic adjustment operations, Blister machines can be operated easily without making any errors. They are usually based on light control technologies so assure speedy operations for mankind.


The electronic weighing technology makes packaging more secure and precise all the times. Based on the quantity, Blister machines can be adjusted continuously with the help of electronic screws. The applications of blister machines are just the endless and they are mostly good to pack granular materials, tablets, drinks etc.

Errors in filling materials or packaging are tracked by machine automatically and adjusted immediately. With photoelectric technology, poly bags can be sealed easily and maintains freshness until we don’t open it. Further, blister machine can be configured in different ways to make it easy for the users to operate.


These days’ Eco friendly machines are also used to pack materials and to protect the environment against damage. The raw materials for Eco friendly machine have to be selected carefully and it should not be harmful to environment in any manner. Eco friendly machines can also be used for different industries in different ways and cost effective too. These machines are in development stage and soon will be launched in the market by most reputed manufacturers and suppliers like Sonus International.

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